Friday, June 12, 2009

The Driver

A driver: What is it? According to the dictionary a driver is----

  1. one that drives, as the operator of a motor vehicle.
  2. a tool, such as a hammer, used to impart forceful pressure.
  3. a machine part that transmits motion or power to another part.
  4. sports. A golf club with a wide head and a long shaft, used for long shots

How a ‘driver’ coincides or relates to Melaleuca:

You need to do some assessing of your potential customers/business builders you present to. Know that in families, a husband or wife-[It is usually one-not both normally] is usually the ‘driver’-the one who ‘gets it’!, or sees the ‘vision’-the one who has the buying power or is the decision maker in the family-the one who usually wants more and is usually more vocal or authoritative-the one who, given the chance, will ‘run with it’ or ‘get things done.

NOTE: A lot of the women we have been speaking to have been the ‘drivers because they want more for their families and they buy more. That is changing with more economy problems now, but that has been our previous experience in our area.

If you speak to the one who is NOT the driver, you will not get an enrollment at all (They hold back to have their spouse decide or give them in-put.) or down the road you will have to try to convince the other spouse about Melaleuca and usually present again to one or both of them-a second time making it not wise time management. Try to get both to a presentation at the same time. Tune in to the ‘driver’ in the family and you will get somewhere. They have power in that family.

As far as the 2. tool definition-We have been using the ax for presentations in the past. As Frank said at launch, “Now we have the chainsaw!” Use it!

One verse-2 translations

  • [NKJ] Proverbs 16:26-The person who labors, labors for himself, For his hungry mouth drives him on
  • [Living Bible] Proverbs 16:26-Hunger is good if it makes you work to satisfy it.

Sharing with the group:

  1. Can’t push a rope.
  2. LIA June issue w/Frank’s article, “You Can’t Catch a Thing Unless You keep Your line in the Water—We’ve been talking about them jumping into the boat!

Prayer with the group for couples working together as a ‘team’ to get more work done than if they tried to do it singly like horses trying to pull weight alone and can’t pull as much as 2 horses pulling together can!, praying for more results-not just a lot of activity that goes nowhere-actual enrollments with the signature on the line. Work and activity being ‘clinched’! (Example-saking cream in a jar making butter-a lot of activity shaking it, and it seems to go nowhere or that nothing is happening but suddenly it starts to thicken and become butter!!)

Thanks to Daryl for this post!

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