Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vision and Hope

This is provided by Donna N and is an exept from Steven Scott's book The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Solomon's power source is VISION, and his fuel is HOPE. But don't be deceived by their simplicity. You'll discover that their combined power is like the power produced by splitting an atom.

Solomon's concept of VISION and HOPE is radically different from our contemporary concepts of these words. We hear the word "vision," and we picture something abstract such as a mystical experience or a dream. We hear the word "hope," and we instantly think of a wish or a desire. Our contemporary concepts of these two words fall woefully short of Solomon's concepts.

Vision is not something abstract or intangible, nor is hope a mere wish or desire. To Solomon, vision and hope are both tangible and precise. Understanding what Solomon meant when he used these two words is critical to achieving anything extraordinary with your life.

For most people, the word "vision" has little more relevance to their daily life than a modern-art painting has to choosing the highways they will follow when going on a vacation. By Solomon's definition most people either have no vision at all for what they want in life, or the vision they have is vague and abstract (to be more successful, wealthier, etc.). To Solomon, a vision was not abstract at all.

For him, gaining a true vision was more like using a highway atlas. It means having a perfectly clear picture of an ultimate destination and a detailed road map to get there. In my failed jobs after college, I never had a clear and precise vision of what I wanted to achieve. It's not surprising that they lasted less than a year or produced only minimal income. On the other hand, in my tenth job, I had a very clear vision for my first project. I created a detailed road map of my goals, and outlined the steps and tasks that I needed to complete to achieve those goals and fulfill that vision. The result? Within six months of starting the job, our sales skyrocketed from a thousand dollars a week to more than a million dollars a week.


Have No Fear

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear; because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 KJV

Have you ever started to step out in faith and, even at the thought of it, felt fear rising up in you? It happens to everyone, but it is important to realize that the source of fear is Satan.

Satan doesn’t want you to do what God wants you to do and receive all God has for you, so he sends fear to try to torment you into being doubtful and miserable. Fear is an evil spirit that hinders progress.

But you can live without fear by building your faith on what God has said in His Word. There is great power in confessing the Word of God.

So when Satan attempts to torment you with fear, confess what the Word says – that the Lord is with you and “will not fail you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). Take steps of faith even if you have to “do it afraid.”

Provided by Ann; Excerpted from “Starting Your Day Right/ Ending Your Day Right” by Joyce Meyer

Monday, March 30, 2009

The 5% Salesman

We have made 10 calls per day for the past three days and haven’t gotten one single appointment. What do we do? We don’t quit. I think it was Zig Zigler who said 5% of sales people make 95% of the commissions. Why is that? Everyone goes through these dry spells. The 5% sales person keeps going when others quit. So what do we do? We take a short break and ask ourselves these questions:

Are our APPROACHES valid for those we are calling? If in doubt, we call one of our support group for advice.

Are we CALLLING at a time of the day when people can take phone calls? If not, we change our work hours if we can.

Do we have the right HEART when we are calling: caring, kindness and truth? If not, we figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Do we have engaging ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM? If not we get some food, take a walk, hug somebody, pray, re-read the Meleconomics Blog, what ever it takes.

All of that spells ACHE. We know that there is no gain without pain! We treat our ACHEs and get back to work. It is the only way our Creator and Savior can release the 5% salesman within us.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Race Is On

‘In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.’ (Proverbs 16:9)

Melaleuca gives us the blueprint. We should not change what they give us. We are not to re-invent the wheel. Do the full New Horizon presentation-products and business. We need to set goals and put dates on those goals. It doesn’t matter where you are at right now; what matters is where you are going. Above all-don’t ever give up!

Provided by Daryl Simpson who prayed for the group and their successes over the week end so we would have good reports on Monday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kindness and Truth

Proverbs 3:3-4: “Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will find favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.”

Another translation says “kindness and truth” for “love and faithfulness.” Love (kindness) and faithfulness (truth) are the cornerstones of any people-centered business such as ours. When we approach people with those qualities, we are always successful, no matter what the outcome of the approach.

It can be a temptation to stretch the truth if we think that will make others be more impressed with us or our business. Ours is such a business, however, where the truth is good enough. We don’t need to exaggerate or make claims about the products or the income opportunity.

If we conduct our businesses with kindness and truth, we have favor and a good name with our Creator and Savior and those we meet. Who then can be against us?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With All Your Might

"... whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might..." Ecclesiastes 9:10

We have our faith, we have our families, that's all we have for sure. We are not guaranteed an income, or peace, or health. But if we have an income opportunity with health and peace today, we pursue the income opportunity with all our might today, because we don't know what tomorrow brings.

In my work, income opportunities come from clients. If we don't pursue those opportunities with all our might, they will go to someone else. It is that simple. We lost a $1,000,000 contract recently because our proposed project manager was not strong enough, did not have the right experience. We warned our leaders about this problem but we were ignored. This client has another opportunity in the near future. We will see if we learned from our mistake and put all our strength into winning it.

We pursue our business the same way. If we don't win the Customer, some one else will. They are buying our products from another store. We put all our might into winning these customers. Our might comes from our commitment, our belief, our team and company support systems. We use all our might to win the new customer.

Our strength to push on comes from our Creator and Savior who has promised us every good gift.

Working in the Dark

I get to the office early each morning, before traffic gets bad. The lights are controlled by a central computer to come on automatically at 7:30. I call the computer when I get into the office to over ride the computer to turn the lights on immediately. Today the computer's phone is busy, so I am writing this in the dark.

It occurred to me that we are often in the dark about how to build our business. What causes the darkness? Lack of preparation, distractions, confusion over the details of the compensation plan or the ingredients in a product. So we sit and do nothing.

But I discovered, that with just a little light from the emergency light in the hall outside my office, I can still type this note. It's kind of automatic. Typing in the dark takes practice, then its gets easy, even in the dark.

Building the business is easy, too; it just takes practice, doing the right things over and over again until it becomes second nature, automatic. The right things are the Seven Critical Activities and these daily calls and the weekly Fast Track Call. These activities are enough light to build the business and along with a little faith in the Creator and Savior we can accomplish all our goals and more.