Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Led By The Holy Spirit (God)

Romans 8:14-For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons (daughters) of God.

We gave some examples of The Holy Spirit leading Sandra and I to talk to different people on her bike ride yesterday and Daryl at work.

  1. Denise-I felt that I needed to stop while on my bike ride and ask her if I could try sometime to get the paint off her driveway using my products. (She’s the one that cancelled my app’t last week-depressed etc.) She said , “Yes”. Then she asked if she would have to sell anything. I knew then that she was afraid of talking or selling to people. I told her she could just be a customer; she wouldn’t have to talk to anyone like me. I could see more openness to me immediately. (God clearing up obstacles.)
  2. I felt I needed to ride over to the trailer court. I felt God was telling me to go up to Joann’s door and visit. I have never gone to her door and knocked-only said ‘Hi’ as I rode by. She came to the door and I found out her boyfriend couldn’t work construction Jan. or Feb.-no work. She works at heart hospital. They both smoke. They need healthy products and money. I approached on asking if they need extra money. She’ll think about it. I will ’drip’ on them more.
  3. Rode by a woman’s house where I had stopped before asking what color paint their house was-I liked it and wanted to paint my house that color. This time I felt God told me to go up to her door and ask if they need extra money. She said ‘Yes’. I told her I’d come back again-they were in the middle of dinner. Her name is Tracey-young, w/family. This prospect has potential and is only a few blocks from me.
  4. My enrollment this week-Darla Deslauriers-I met while on my bike stopping to compliment her on her fencing at the corner of her property. She will be an awesome customer, I know, and maybe even a business person.
  5. One more example-About mid June Sandra felt God told her to stop at a certain rummage sale. The lady there knew her because she delivered mail to our house sometimes. They need more money. Her husband just emailed us back and we replied last night wanting to set an appointment.
  6. Daryl felt that on this one particular break yesterday that he was supposed to go outside. There he met Amy Cudmore; he’s been trying to get a phone # for her. (During work and being on phone w/customers you can’t do that easily.) God brought her to him outside and he got her first and last name and her phone # and she said she’d be interested in seeing what he has for extra money.

Thanks to Daryl and Sandy for these examples of being led by the Spirit to talk to neighbors and co-workers!

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